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Arlington, VA Pest Control

Professional Pest Solutions For Arlington, VA Properties

The city of Arlington, VA, is located across from Washington D.C., separated by the scenic Potomac River. In addition to being home to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, our city is also home to a variety of local pest species. Pest activity is an ongoing occurrence here in Arlington, and that means local homes and businesses are vulnerable to infestation. To effectively protect your property from pests, it’s a good idea to reach out to your local pest professionals. 
Bluebird Pest Solutions is here to protect you from infestation. We are a locally owned and operated company that is proud to service homes and businesses throughout Northern Virginia. We like to think of ourselves as a customer service company that does pest control because pleasing our clients and treating them with superior customer service is our top priority. Call today for your free quote and inspection.

Home Pest Control In Arlington, VA

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There are so many beautiful homes here in Arlington, it’s a shame to think about pests getting inside. Not only can they damage your house, but they put your loved ones in harm’s way.

Our residential pest control services give local homeowners year-round protection from the perils of infestation. Along with our general pest solutions, we offer specialty services for mosquitoes and ticks, rodents, and termites.

No matter your needs, we’ll work with you to come up with the right plan of action. We also offer a monthly billing system with automatic payments for your convenience. Give us a call to discuss your residential pest control needs today.

Commercial Pest Control In Arlington, VA

If you want to protect your Arlington business from pest infestation, you’ve come to the right place. Bluebird Pest Solutions offers comprehensive commercial pest solutions to a variety of facilities, some of which include childcare, healthcare, hospitality, office spaces, property management, and restaurants. 
Our process starts with a full exterior inspection, in which we identify all entry points and pest pressures. From there, we’ll come up with a customized treatment plan to tackle the infestation from the inside out. Our team works with your needs, your schedule, and your budget, working hard to bring you the best pest services in the area. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Expert Advice On Tick Control In Arlington 

They may be small, but ticks pose a big threat. Ticks are vector pests that can carry disease and then transmit it to you, their host. When ticks latch onto you and feed on your blood, they may be passing on serious illnesses like Lyme disease, encephalitis, and malaria. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding ticks around your Arlington property:

  • Check everyone (including pets) for any ticks after being outside. 
  • Shower promptly after spending time outdoors.
  • Stay out of tall grass, brush, and wooded areas.
  • Treat your clothing with, or buy clothing pre-treated with, permethrin.
  • Tumble dry your clothing on high heat for ten minutes to kill off any ticks.
  • Use insect repellents before participating in outdoor activities.
  • Walk in the center of trails when walking, hiking, running, etc.

The safest, most effective protection against ticks is to secure professional help. Bluebird Pest Solutions is here to eliminate all tick activity from your property and keep them away moving forward. Our team will identify all areas of infestation and perform a comprehensive treatment to target the problem, giving you safe, tick-free conditions. Call us today.

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Arlington Home

Your Arlington home is your haven, and the last thing you want to see is a mouse or a rat run across the kitchen floor. Rodents are extremely destructive pests that are not only upsetting to see but are also very harmful. First, let’s start with the contamination.
Rodents leave feces and droppings around your home, spreading germs and bacteria, and contaminating every inch of your property. This puts you and your loved ones at risk of contracting serious health conditions. Whether it’s through contamination or via a bite, rodents expose us to many diseases, like hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, LCM (lymphocytic choriomeningitis), and tularemia. 
Now let’s address the structural damage that rodents can cause. These hairy little intruders gnaw on everything they can sink their teeth into, compromise personal belongings, and structural elements of the house. They even chew on electrical wiring, which can cause a house fire to break out, and that’s just too big a risk.
The most effective form of rodent protection is regularly scheduled services from the pest professionals. Only a team of pest experts can address rodent infestation on a large scale, treating the problem and implementing preventative measures to keep them out in the future. Get in touch with Bluebird Pest Solutions today to learn more about our year-round rodent control and prevention services.

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